Youth Strength & Conditioning Program at CrossFit Off the Grid

Our Youth Sports Strength and Conditioning Program will ensure that athletes are staying fit and conditioned in the off-season with weekly programming focused on helping players to prepare for next season. General conditioning will promote strength and endurance gains, and will help to keep physical performance at a high-level all year round. We are creating an opportunity for activity and fitness in the off-season, in a safe and controlled setting, which will allow players to reduce their risk of injuries during the regular season (or when practice, games and in-season training resumes).

When: Every Monday and Wednesday, beginning February 5th

Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm (60 mins)

Who: Any youth, ages 10-15 who would like additional off-season training and conditioning

Price: 10 Session Class Pass for $119.99 (a $40 discount for athletes in this program!)

The 10 Session Class Pass sessions do not expire, and do not need to be used consecutively. Athletes are not required to attend every Monday and Wednesday. These sessions can be used over a period of weeks or months, on whichever days the athlete can attend training sessions. Parents must sign a waiver before athletes will be permitted to attend their first session. Programming will be designed and delivered by our CrossFit trainers onsite at CrossFit Off the Grid.

To sign up or with any questions, please contact [email protected]

Note: This program has been designed for Parks and Recreation teams (local/WT/Monroe), but is open to the public. Athletes do not need to be members of or affiliated with Parks and Rec. or CrossFit Off the Grid to join this program.



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