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Postpartum Training Mindset pt. 2 w/ Coach Kelly

How do you get a solid core when sit-ups and V-ups are now almost impossible? When many people think about core work, they think of sit-ups, V-ups, and hollow rocks. Working your core goes way beyond that. If done right, most exercises can be considered core work. Without the strength

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Post-Partum Mindset w/ Coach Kelly

Working out while you’re pregnant or in the postpartum period can be challenging and confusing in many ways. There are so many opinions on what exercises to do and what not to do, you’re suddenly way more aware of your bladder, and you’re wondering if you’ll ever have a functioning

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Consistency Q&A w/ Ritual Coaching

Whether you work out because you value your health, your performance, your appearance, or all of the above, your results depend on how consistent you are. But it’s hard to get started and even harder to keep going week after week. You know you know you should work out, you

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