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From “Mean Girl” to CrossFitter, a Blog by Barb

CrossFit has made me a better person. Let me give you the context: I was a “mean girl” most of my life. My mom always taught me to treat people nicely, I was raised in the Catholic Church, I participated in community service… but I was kind of a mean

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Beginner’s Turkey Tussle: A CrossFit Competition!

If you’re new to CrossFit, or if you want to participate in your first CrossFit competition, join us for CrossFit Off the Grid’s First Annual Beginner’s Turkey Tussle Competition! We have TWO divisions for this newbie-friendly competition: Beginner (new to CrossFit – more or less than 6 months) and Intermediate (around

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Movie Night at CrossFit Off the Grid on October 15th!

While we all love the summer (and this sweltering heat) so much, we sure are excited for some upcoming fall festivities. In that spirit, we are stoked to announce that we will be having a Movie Night at CrossFit Off the Grid on October 15th! We welcome all of our

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Back to School! Foundations Boot Camp starts September 12th!

We are excited to announce another edition of our super successful Boot Camp at CrossFit Off the Grid beginning on Monday, September 12th. Thus far, those who participated in the Boot Camp have seen great success and have had a great time getting fit and making new friends. Come join

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Strengthen Your Mental Muscles: A Blog by Coach Harry

 The human mind is a powerful thing and sometimes it will make you quit before you even hit your maximum potential. When you hear that awesome coach count down, “3, 2, 1, GO” do you tell yourself positive thoughts of destroying this WOD or negative thoughts that will give poor

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CrossFit = Physical + Education: A Blog by Coach Dennis

Many of us walk into a CrossFit facility the first time and think, “What the?” Where are the treadmills? Where are the mirrors? And why is everyone doing the same thing? To steal a line from the Clash many are likely thinking “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” For

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