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Intuitive Eating – Final Principle

And finally, our last Intuitive Eating Principle! Principle 10 is probably the most important out of all the Intuitive Eating Principles: Honor Your Health. What we mean by this is we want you to make food choices that that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel good.

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Intuitive Eating Principles 7-9

Last week we continued to discuss the topic of Intuitive Eating and covered some additional principles. This week we will cover three more and move on to intuitive eating principles 7-9! Number 7 is addressing emotional eating with kindness. Constant or long term restriction can often lead to emotional feelings tied

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Intuitive Eating Continued!

This week we’re continuing on with the next set of Intuitive Eating Principles! Last week we broke down the first 3 principles, reject the diet mentality, honor your hunger, and make peace with food. As we dive into the next 3 principles remember to keep the first three in mind

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Treat Day!

Our next topic for this week is having a controlled “treat” day. Many of you have probably heard the term of having a “cheat day,” but at Off the Grid nutrition we believe mindset is everything. What diet is there to “cheat” on if we’re aspiring for healthy lifestyle changes?

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